Heiko and Selina

The most frequently heard comments from people who are faced with any of Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer’s art collections are, “All the pieces look so different. Are they painted by the same artists?” and “Are you sure that they both paint on the same canvas? The paintings look like only one artist has worked on them.”

That is one singular factor that stands out in the work of this husband and wife team. It is the seamless fusion of masterful skills and creative ideas from two very distinct individuals, resulting in a vast spectrum of abstract and concrete formal expression that is rare. As Vicki Ang, gallery director from the prestigious Wetterling Teo Gallery in Singapore enthused, “The works are brilliant.”

“What amazes and delights us is the harmony that results from the deep and open surrender to the creative ideas and styles that we individually bring to the work as we paint alongside each other. The trust and admiration we feel for each other allows us to be inspired by the other.”

Their paintings reflect a harmonious creative merging and collaboration of a couple who come from different backgrounds, culture, nationality as well as gender. Solution, not compromise, in coming to a result is expressed as they both create fully and freely on each piece without limiting the other. As a result, their presence is felt and exists everywhere on their visuals.

"The inner pictures in our shared memories from our exciting travel adventures as well as the daily and nightly events in our life together are often seeds for a new painting. We are inspired by Real Life itself, all of its elements and facets...from cities to mountains, forests and the ocean as well as the invisible and the imaginary worlds. The expression and Union of the Male and Female Principles in Life is a frequent inspiration for us in many of our pieces. Pages from a book, read aloud in bed after a night of painting, at 5.30am, gripped us with so much passion and emotion that we had to leap out of bed to compose the vivid visuals evoked onto a new canvas."

Scientific analogies can be aptly drawn to describe the synergy between this artistic duo.

Like the two strands of a DNA, in complementary pairing, they each bond readily to the other so that the identity of each strand complements the strength of the other in it’s own individuation and melts as a double helix, synthesizing a new form from the template of One That Are Two That Are One.

This explosive partnership of the couple on canvas can be likened to a nuclear fusion.
A nuclear fusion happens when 2 hydrogen atoms combine to form a larger helium atom.
In the process, an enormous amount of heat energy is given off. A typical example of nuclear fusion is the sun.

This tremendous excess of creative energy, which is always released through Heiko and Selina’s fusion, extends the sum of both which forms a powerful new element that flows into each of their paintings.

Their magnificent paintings emanate an essence and a presence which is both visible as well as tangible.

Heiko and Selina

Selina Niedermeyer
Born 1964, Singapore

1987 B.A., English Literature & Sociology, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Group Exhibitions
1998 "Mixed Media", Kinara Kinari Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
1998 "Intersection", Galerie Societe Generale, Alliance Francaise, Singapore
1999 "Woman, A Celebration", Notices The Gallery, Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore
2004 "Ripples", Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore
2004 "New Finds 2004", Art Galleries Association, MICA Building ARTrium, Singapore Solo Exhibition
2003 "One That Are two That Are One", Seven@Stevens Gallery, Singapore

Selina Niedermeyer comes from a leading professional make-up artist and set design background in the fashion and film industries in South East Asia. She later established a career as an Interior Designer. As an Interior Designer, her innate artistic creativity was given free reign when she personally designed and created unique wall murals, lamps and furniture for her clients in their homes. These were featured in local interior design magazines as were the rest of her commissioned home interior designs. Her work was described by one leading home interior magazine as "experimental art forms" which "throw tradition to the winds" and her ideas, "unconventional". The first art exhibition Selina Niedermeyer participated in happened only because she was excited by the prospect of nesting up with 4 international women artist friends on a rainforest covered hill overlooking Lake Meninjau in Sumatra, Indonesia. It was too late to pull out by the time she fully realized that she had also said yes to producing art pieces while she was there and exhibiting them in Jakarta a month later. Returning from the success of that joyful artistic adventure, it seemed natural for her to say yes to the next exhibition and to continue with the journey of discovering and remembering what she felt is a natural and intrinsic creative facet of her being. In her art, she is inspired by elements that contribute to the process of building like sand, wall plaster and cement which are juxtaposed with the fragility and delicacy of make-up powders and colors mixed into acrylic and oil paints for texture and effect. She chooses to create not only on canvas but also on materials like Perspex, wood and plaster.

"My personal pieces reflect the subjects closest to my heart - the connection of the Self with the Source, of the Presence of God and the Oneness in All That Is as well as the intense energies of Love and Passion in the Feminine. Painting and merging with my husband, Heiko, on canvas has expanded my range as well as his and has inspired me to leap beyond my artistic boundaries. It has delighted and amazed me that I have grown in my artistic _expression in a more intense and rapid development than if I had done it solo. It is a great satisfaction and fulfillment that we share the same views on Life and walk the same Journey."

Heiko Niedermeyer
Born 1969 Bielefeld, Germany

1986-1989 Training and study as professional sculptor in Lemgo, Germany.
Made a series of practical studies with German sculptor Peter Klassen (former student of Henry Moore in this period. 1990 Sculpting and painting at Claremont School of Art , Perth, Australia

Group Exhibitions
2004 "Ripples", Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore
2004 "New Finds 2004", Art Galleries Association, MICA Building ARTrium, Singapore Solo Exhibition
2003 "One That Are two That Are One", Seven@Stevens Gallery, Singapore

Heiko Niedermeyer's love of the arts and music began at an early age . After school he took the rare opportunity to study sculpting in Lemgo, Germany. Heiko demonstrated such a skill and talent in his work that his teacher asked to buy some his work from him. It was in those creatively formative years that Heiko struck up a friendship with German sculptor, Peter Klassen (former student of Henry Moore) and his wife, Liselotte, who owned Knapp Gallery in Plettenberg, Germany. He stayed with them for a series of practical studies with Peter which inspired and encouraged him even more to continue with his art. It was here too that he found recognition of his potential as an artist and sculptor. His personal experiences and search for the essence of life and the essence of art reveals itself for him as one and the same.

Heiko and Selina

"An artist doesn't work his art, he lives it. Produced pieces of painting, sculpture or music are just some possible expressions of this essence."

Heiko's infectious exuberance and love for life shines clearly through in all that he chooses to do. And with lighthearted seriousness, he has chosen "to paint music and to play paintings."